Ghana’s Most Advanced Retina Clinic

The Hospital was established in 2010 as the North Western Eye Centre. Over the past few years, it has steadily grown to become Ghana’s foremost centre for glaucoma and vitreo-retina surgical services and a major international collaboration centre for community eye health services and pro-poor eye care delivery programs.
The clinic’s tremendous progress is largely due to the immense support it’s received from Unite for Sight, a non-profit organization based in Connecticut, USA.

We share a common belief in the tenets of Vision 2020, the Right to Sight, and a committed desire in ensuring that no one goes blind as a result poverty and lack of access to inexpensively and easily curable conditions like cataract.
To ensure that we achieve these ideals, Unite for Sight supported the clinic with a brand new minibus and helped fund our community eye health program. It provides year-round stream of volunteers made up of ophthalmologists, physicians and students whose primary desire is to make an impact on eye health. It also provides funds to pay for the base cost of performing cataract and pterygium surgeries. In addition Unite for Sight provides equipment support to the clinics by liaising with clinics that have upgraded and have no further use for such equipment. Many of such equipment have provided the much needed technology in moving eye care forward.

The hospital, through its community eye care program reaches out to thousands of poor people in the Central, Eastern and the Greater Accra Regions each year. Annually we screen and provide spectacles to several hundreds each year and perform around a thousand vision restoration surgeries.

More than 90% of our cataract surgeries are performed free on patients unable to afford the standard cost of cataract surgery or on patients enrolled onto the National Health Insurance Scheme that reimburses less than a 4th of our standard fees for patients paying with cash.
We are currently the only centre in Ghana that routinely provides advanced glaucoma device drainage implant surgeries, Micropulse Laser surgeries for glaucoma, and one of two that provides vitreoretina surgeries.

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